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Fresh bakery products
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Features such as beech forests, nutrient-poor grasslands, wet meadows, bogs, Erbeskopf (816 m NN), Wildenburg castle, Celtic hillfort in Otzenhausen and Premium long distance trail Saar-Hunsrück-Steig characterize our future National Park region. On Pentecost 2015 (24 / 25.5.) the opening will take place.



Special Easter offers


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"Easter fun" on april 4th




We meet in the afternoon at Himmelberg Blockhausgrill, which is situated a the idyllic 10-minute walk away from Ferienpark Himmelberg in the countryside. There we have cake, coffee, tea and hot chocolate. For the children there are games and we offer Bushido test training and archery. Then the fire is lit and we grill.


Barbecue buffetostergrafik klein

Baked potatoes with dip
Small roast
Grill sausages
Salads and bread
vegetable bag
Vegetable skewers and chicken skewers
Stick bread and marshmallows for the kids


Price: 19,90 € / adult | € 9.90 / child up to 11 years | children up to 5 years free.
Beverages such as beer, wine, soda and Coca Cola can be bought locally or you may bring your own.


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» Events during the Easter holidays



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